When people think of adventure most people think of Indiana Jones and the countless other Hollywood Adventurers. Personally I agree. What could be more adventurous then "rescuing" priceless artifacts from booby trapped caves while avoiding and often fighting scores of bad guys? nothing really, but I also don't think that being adventurous should be limited to the likes of Indian Jones.  To me, anytime you try something new or step out of your comfort zone it's an adventure.
            Recently I had an opportunity to go skeet shooting. (Machines throw orange clay disks into the air and you try to blast them to pieces with a shotgun) To many people that probably doesn't sound terribly adventurous or thrilling, and to many people it isn't. I am not a gun person though, I am not really a huge fan of guns and I have never had a genuine interest in shooting them. Having said that,  I will never turn down an offer to try something new.  It's not very often I find myself totally out of my comfort zone, but that's exactly where I was last week, with a 12-Gauge shotgun in my hand. My day started with be asked  "have you ever shot a shotgun before" and the answer of course was "no".  50 rounds later my shoulder was raw and I had a smile stretched from cheek to cheek. Seriously, what blast! I never would have imaged shooting clay disks out of the air could been so fun! The best part by far though, was the surprise at how exciting and fun shooting clays really was, totally contradicting all of my previous expectations.
            Beyond using this post to show off the really cool picture of my self (above), I hope to encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone every once in a while and try something new.  There is a good chance you may be pleasantly surprised!
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